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If You Want to Help Me, Prescribe Me Money

Gary Bloch will connect evidence to action, and propose a radical rethinking of the role of doctors in addressing income and other social issues that affect their patients’ health. He is an educator, advocate, and innovator, focused on reducing the impact of poverty and other social...


Protesters Behead Effigy Of Donald Trump

Politics “It would be front page news for weeks on end.  But because it was done to an effigy of Donald Trump, it apparently is not that big of a deal. The United States is supposed to be far more civilized than this. Outside the...


Someone Started a Petition to Change the US National Anthem to War Pigs by Black Sabbath

(The Daily Sheeple) “With everything War now thoroughly saturating our cheapened Americana-cultural paradigm, a new petition on Change.org has emerged that most aptly fits what the U.S. has become.” More Evidence of American Discontent Op-ed by Claire Bernish As U.S. election politics plummet rapidly toward...