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Totalitarian Democracy and the Awakening of America

American Politics: “We don’t really elect our leaders, as it is now. We select people to work as agents of the Deep State, a shadowy unelected agency of interests and figures much more powerful than any elected stooge. The charade of American presidential politics is more of...


There is No Normal

Social Engineering “The craziness has been amped one hundred-fold. It is way beyond the point of concern. Those not completely doped with – whatever mind-numbing device or substance, willingly administered or not. Welcome to the New Normal The world as we know it has changed. We...


Charities have it Wrong

Economics “Charities have it wrong… this girl has the right plan.  That solution, which is blatantly obvious to anyone who has woken up to the issue, is how they get the money to provide a service for their community.” Charities have it wrong… this girl...