As an outside observer living in Canada I thought I would pass on my thoughts on the 2020 US Elections.

From my perspective, it appears that the vote count in the majority of Republican States went smoothly. Florida for example, was able to tabulate ballots in an efficient and timely manner. Florida is a big State.

Election Fraud

On the other hand, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan among others, are examples of Democrats dysfunction and absolute corruption. Trumps lead continues to be threatened as more and more ballots continue to appear almost out of thin air.

Here is what Styxhexenhammer666 sums it up.

In one example, in Michigan, 100,000 ballots mysteriously appeared over night. What are the odds that every… single… ballot was for Biden! It is all but certain that the SCOTUS will have to get involved to call the winner.

From my point of view the attempt to steal this election is in plain site. Let me know what you think? Comment below.

Images courtesy of Pixabay https://pixabay.com/users/conolan-4525104/

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