Star Treks Quark Solves the Problem of War with Economics – YouTube

“Quark, a Ferengi, uses the Third Rule of Acquisition to convince a Vulcan working with the terrorist group, the “Maquis”, that peace at any price is illogical.” Via YouTube

Economics and War

Since the beginning of time, wars are fought for gain. Economic gain, territorial gain, and egotistical gain. It is about profit and the control of people and their politics. Where the benefits to the few outweigh the benefits of many.

That is about to change. Peace is coming. Resistance is futile! After all,  as Quark pointed out, “It all comes down to the rules of acquisition. Rule three states, never pay more for an acquisition than you have to… right now, peace can be bought at a bargain price.”

Peace is Cheap. Get it While You Can!

Quark is right. Peace becomes more expensive the longer we wait. We can end the suffering tomorrow if we had the collective will. I believe that humanity will get there one day. We will see war for what it is and won’t have anything to do with it. We will mature and go beyond the throwing of sticks and stones.

Peace is coming, so prepare to be boarded! It will be a struggle. Perhaps a decade or two. It will be an intense test of our collective will to manifest peace as our reality. That time is coming. Perhaps sooner than we think!

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