Quantum Patterns and New Discoveries

quantum patterns and new discoveries in physics

“The language of quantum physics is going to bring you some revelations about consciousness. And the future of humanity will change because of it.” Kryon

Quantum Patterns

Mankind is on the verge of scientific discovery that will change everything. In this presentation Kryon reveals what is coming. More importantly humanity will change because of it.

What is unseen, will be visible.

Quantum Patterns and New DiscoveriesImagine looking at the magnetic field? The planetary crystalline grid? Gravity? Or, being able to see the human mekabah? That time may not be far off. Quantum physics is not far from developing such a device. Even more incredible are the inventions that will come as a result of studying these quantum patterns.

  • Anti-gravity
  • Free Energy
  • Food Production
  • Clean & Healthy Water
  • Advances in Human Health
  • Longevity
  • Study of the human Merkabah

The Merkabah

We will be able to see, measure and study the human Merkabah. We will gain a scientific understanding of how the Merkabah interacts with and manipulates the quantum fields around them.

In Health for example, a simple reading of the Merkabah will tell doctors exactly what needs to be healed in the human. Fine tuning of the magnetic and crystalline grid will provide healing without invasive surgery. Now that is something to look forward too.

Fractals and Barriers

Quantum physics will prove everything is a pattern. We will see the patterns of fear, is a circle, very powerful. It is a vibration of consciousness. It is a prison and you cannot see outside. The circle can become wider and more powerful. The circle can enslave those who are at the same vibratory state. There is only one circle and everything is contained in it. For those who are trapped behind this barrier are embroiled in chaos, fear and have given control to hate.

A higher consciousness of compassion, love, high minded thinking and integrity on the other hand creates fractals which enhances vibratory fractals of like kind. It is an expansive energy. It cannot be contained.

It will be this discovery that will enable mankind to move beyond survival. We will gain a complete understanding of the spiritual quantum human being. We will discover the power within.

“Quantum Patterns” is the title of this Kryon channel given by Lee Carroll in San Antonio, Texas on January, 23, 2016. I hope you enjoyed this Kryon channeling. Looking for more? You can get all the Kryon information here: Kryon.com

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