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Asking Way Fair Questions 0

Asking Way Fair Questions

If what is in this video is true. Then the Clinton’s and their associates should take notice, and prepare. I believe this is where human and child trafficking will be exposed as a major part of the evil associated with the Washington and global swamp.


Turkish military declares takeover of country.

“Heavily armed soldiers and military vehicles closed the two main bridges in Istanbul Friday evening, and while low-flying military jets could be heard overhead.” Access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is blocked Now we know why when back in the month of March the Pentagon Ordered...


Breaking News Ted Cruz drops presidential bid

Breaking News Ted Cruz drops presidential bid Ted Cruz drops presidential bid – CNNPolitics.com In the end, the growing strength of Trump’s candidacy and Cruz’s own stumbles in the past two weeks were too much for Cruz to overcome. The Cruz, Kasich and anti-Trump forces...

It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center. Image courtesy of End Time Headlines 0

Is the GOP risking suicide? Or, are they just clueless?

US-Politics “If Trump does win and the nomination is taken from him, the Republican Party will be seen by the American people as a glorified Chinese tong. Last week, Ted Cruz swept 34 delegates at the Colorado party convention. Attendees were not allowed to vote on...


Japan Earthquake Damage: Drone Footage

The following shocking drone footage of the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake cluster this weekend (from Thursday through Monday, more than 500 quakes shook the region) shows the scale of the damage wrought. A Lot More Shaking Going On The Pacific Rim continues to shake, rattle...