A Surprised Sanders. Do Birds Bring Messages of Divine Guidance?

Did you know birds bring messages of divine guidance? Birds, like traditional angels, bring messages of wisdom and advice at a time when we most need to hear guidance. Unlike traditional angels, each bird brings its own specific message.

Did Sanders and his Supporters get a Divine Message?

They may have.

According to Andrea Wansbury, birds are carriers of prophecy and guidance. Each bird, according to Andrea brings its own specific message. A crow will indicate CHANGE, the message a duck brings is FAITH, and the message a lark brings is HEALING. The finch brings a message of COMPROMISE.

Lillian Too, who is feng shui master living in Mandella, say’s that small birds like sparrows or finches are messengers who bring good news. In feng shui birds are considered powerful symbols of new opportunity and regarded as lucky signs of good fortune. https://lilliantoosblog.wordpress.com/tag/birds-bring-messages/

Will Sanders gain the White House through Compromise?

According to Bernie Sanders, “the little bird doesn’t know it, but he is a dove asking for world peace, NO MORE WAR!

However many believe the message delivered by this tiny finch holds deep significance. It is powerful symbol of things to come. Will the race become so close the Democratic Convention results in compromise? Will compromise give Bernie the nod as the Democratic nominee for president?

Perhaps this green finch doesn’t mind being called a dove, however, a finch generally brings a message of compromise and new opportunity. We will see if compromise is the key to the White House for Bernie Sanders.

The bird with the most relevant message (the finch is compromise) that will help guide us at any given moment will make itself known in some way. This may be through a dream, by a garden bird or pet bird displaying unusual behaviour towards us, or even by a picture of a bird on a card sent to us. Once the particular message is understood, it is important to apply the guidance to our lives, because it has been divinely given to us to help us on our spiritual journeys.

Andrea Wansbury, Birds: Divine Messengers

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