Trump’s first, Hillary “Attack Ad”

(Zero Hedge) “ISIS, a laughing Vladimir Putin, and a barking Hillary Clinton: what do they have in common? These are the key elements of Donald Trump’s first Hillary Clinton attack ad.”

“Is this what we want as President?”

Everyone has been wondering when the front running Republican, Donald Trump would begin to turn his attention to Hillary Clinton. Especially now, that George Soros, is throwing millions towards Hillary’s campaign. Soros has also warning Donald Trump and Ted Cruz of “consequences” for their words and actions. Soros Floods Democrats With Millions, Warns Trump Of “Consequences” 

“That all changed earlier today when Trump finally launched his first “attack ad” against Hillary in a tweet asking “Is this what we want for a president”: Read more at Zero Hedge

If I know Trump like I think I do, America is in for a treat. Trump is going to hit hard.

I am sure the “barking” Hillary was a reference to her owners, Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street Bankers. Lets not forget George Soros, and a host of other well heeled corporations.

Will he put faces to the corruption and scandals that have plagued America before 9/11 to now? Who knows? My guess is that he knows a great deal and he is about to share it with everyone. The system is corrupt to the core and Donald Trump is opening eyes.

A very entertaining Presidential Contest!

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