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Protesters Behead Effigy Of Donald Trump

Politics “It would be front page news for weeks on end.  But because it was done to an effigy of Donald Trump, it apparently is not that big of a deal. The United States is supposed to be far more civilized than this. Outside the rally, more than 100 demonstrators were positioned so close to the entrance that it was difficult for supporters to enter.”

Anti-Trump Protestors Behead Effigy Of The Donald As Radical Left Anger Builds

Submitted by Michael Snyder via The End Of The American Dream blog,

Liberal protests against Donald Trump are becoming increasingly violent.  On Friday, I warned that this would happen, and over the weekend we witnessed extremely disturbing confrontations in both Arizona and Utah.  No matter whether you are a supporter of Donald Trump or not, what we are watching unfold should deeply alarm you.  Are violent protests, riots and confrontations with police going to become a daily occurrence until the election in November?  Will this become the spark that sets off widespread civil unrest all over the nation?  Unless Donald Trump wins the election, I have a feeling that he is going to end up deeply regretting running for president, because now his entire family lives under the threat of constant attack.  Is this what “political discourse” is going to look like in this country moving forward?

Just consider what we just witnessed in Salt Lake City.  Liberal activists strung up an effigy of Donald Trump by a noose, and then one of them proceeded to behead it.

This is the kind of think that you might expect to see in a third world nation. The United States is supposed to be far more civilized than this. In Canada we protest with our vote, and throw protesters in jail where they belong.

Read the full story here: Anti-Trump Protesters Behead Effigy Of The Donald As Radical Left Anger Builds | Zero Hedge

It won’t be long before we see a Ukraine moment when a bunch of innocent people will be killed. I pray not. Americans are showing the world their true nature. A warring, pissy unloving group of uneducated, unthinking, immoral creatures. What your actions prove is that Donald Trump is right. It’s all you people know.

Now I REALLY want Trump to be President.

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