Multidimensional Choice ~ What Happens When I Choose?

“We join you with a game already in progress, for you have been in motion for some time. You have been playing a game with pretending to be a human with all your blindfolds on.”

Multidimensional Choice ~ What Happens When I Choose?

Steve Rother, channeling the Group Video Transcript

Greetings from Home, Dear Ones.

We join you with a game already in progress, for you have been in motion for some time. You have been playing a game with pretending to be a human with all your blindfolds on. So magical! You cannot even see your completeness. You can only see your imperfections and we find that fascinating, because it’s actually those imperfections that create beauty on your planet. Own them. Hold them dear. Guard them. Be proud of them; watch how your reality changes.

Multidimensional Awareness

We are here to bring you a message for the coming month, and to also give you a vision of where humanity is in this moment. These are very unique times, because as humans you are becoming aware that you are multidimensional in nature. You have always known that what you see in front of you, that which you call your reality, is only a small section of what you actually can experience and stretch out into.

Humanity is now at a junction where humans will begin to access multiple dimensions simultaneously. Let us go back and explain from an individual perspective first, because that will more easily be understood.

If an individual is strolling down the illusion of time pretending to be human with a blindfold on, what happens is that they come to a point where they must make choices. Well, you are aware that choice is actually at the base of your power; it is the understanding and the expression of your light on planet Earth.

So you make these wonderful choices, but what happens to the other options? You choose to move in the direction of A, but what happened to C, D and E—the other opportunities?

ChoicesDear ones, because in nature you are multidimensional you never miss anything. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had made a different choice years ago? Perhaps you would have decided to be in a relationship with someone other than the person you’re married to now, or perhaps you would have changed your choice about having children. Such major decisions totally change your life.

Fascinating! Well, what happens dear ones, is when you choose to go down this path you will honor this choice; all of the other choices are simply taken up by your other dimensions. So, you actually miss nothing because all of it is experienced from the whole.

However, only a small section of it is experienced in your reality since it’s basically a bandwidth of vibration. As you already understand, there are many radio waves going through your body right now. In fact, if we were able to capture all the radio waves that transverse through your body, you could probably pick up many individual radio stations. Because they are all going through your body at once, you actually have to tune into a single radio station at a time. That requires a device that you call a “radio” to bring in one station out of all the waves.

So, that is how your reality is tuned right now. When you wake up in the morning, you know your name, where you are going and the parts that you are playing, because you are in this present dimensional reality.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice once in a while to jump into one of these other realities and see how your choices would have worked out? Now you have that capability because all humans are becoming aware of being multidimensional in nature, which is actually your true nature not a new evolution.

This is a new discovery and that is where all humans are right now. So many of you are learning how to access your other dimensions of time and space right now. Some are even starting to learn how to teach and guide others into multidimensional healing modalities, which can be very powerful. Now let us look at the collective.

Multidimensionality as Seen from the Collective of Humanity

Does the collective vibration of humanity, as each of you know it, cover the full gambit of vibrational ranges or is it only a small segment of reality?

We tell you, dear ones, as enormous as you think that is, actually it is only a small segment of reality. You are tuned into on your own radio dial so that your body can hold and filter through that reality. Does it mean nothing else is occurring? No, all sorts of things are happening right in front of you. However, you cannot see them because you are tuned into one reality, one vibrational range.

Now the collective vibration of humanity is the same and it is tuned into one experience. Does that mean that there are still others out there? Yes, there are and here is the beautiful part of that: Humans can choose which one to live in and that is new. You have always had the dimensions, but it has only been recently that you developed the ability to perceive them.

Now as you are reaching a level of your own vibration where you can start to see some of the illusions that were placed there to create having a human experience—all of it is there. Can you go back in your own mind and remember a tragedy in humanity? Remember an event that happened which brought profound tragedy and deep, horrible grieving to people around you. Perhaps the day the Hindenburg crashed or the day that the Twin Towers fell. You can go back to anything that made a huge imprint in humanity, wherever it occurred. Now you are starting to get the idea.

Choosing the Reality You Want

There are other dimensional realities where that entire event was avoided, where it did not happen. Why? Because it was a choice of the collective to experience it. Now, you are becoming conscious. Humans, Lightworkers, are now becoming aware that you are multidimensional. All of these parts of you extend far beyond this limited range and in a very short time, every single person on Earth will start being able to use that consciously. This truly is an awakening from the dream. You are all starting to awaken and discover that you are in a game already in progress that you can change. Only can you change your own individual reality by choosing very carefully. Can you choose which one of these all the humans are going to experience? No, of course you cannot. You are only responsible for yourself; however, now you can choose which one of those you wish to live in and that is new.

Multi dimensional HumanThere has been such a vibrational separation between dimensions and reality, which was very much needed for humans to be able to play the game. You woke up in these bodies of density and you had to adjust to them. You had to find out how to work them how you were going to evolve in them. You have evolved in so many magical ways. You can think of the collective as that which you see when you turn on your television and watch news about your world. You think, “That is the truth.”

Dear ones, it is actually only a small part; the truth is that is the new reality. You can choose where you wish to live. What if you wish to live in one of those worlds that has only ever had two wars and is not at war at the current time? Can you re-member a time in your own lives where there was no war? That is a beautiful evolution of the collective. You can take yourself away from this environment but then what happens? Many of you are feeling so responsible: “Have I abandoned them? They are going to have all this horrible….” Dear ones, it is all a balance now is it not? You may experience a negative over there but on this side is simply another aspect of yourself, which will be extremely positive.

For instance, maybe there is something you just cannot seem to do this no matter how much you try. That also means that over here, another aspect of you is a master at that same thing and you carry a lot of information. Now is the time you are starting to glean the information from all aspects of yourself and perfect yourself in many ways. You can also choose which reality you wish to live in. You have joined the game already in progress, so where would you like to take it? What are your dreams?

Many of you have gone into survival mode, which means you step out of your dreams. You only attempt the things that you know, and you even step backwards in your own belief systems sometimes. It is not a problem; you are human, after all. You are supposed to be experiencing all of it—the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent–every part That is how you find beauty on planet Earth when you are pretending to be a human, so keep up the great work.

The collective vibration of humanity has many dimensions and each of you can actually choose which dimension you wish to be in from this point forward. Choose well, dear ones. Play the game. Know that you are finding the path of least resistance as all forms of energy do. Know that you are carrying more light than you will probably ever see while you are in this body. We see it and we know who you are. We are here to remind you of that beautiful game and those beautiful decisions you made that put you here right now, in the game already in progress.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.


The Group.

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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