Conscious Awareness and the Quantum Shift

This is profound information and can alter how you view your current reality. Kryon revealed in Cuzco, Peru, that there are three levels of awareness. The third level, is unreachable if you do not have an awareness of the first two.

Is the planet ready for a quantum shift?

We have a huge investment in the past. and the way things are. Are we ready for real change? Will it cause an evolution of consciousness or will it cause wars? It is going to happen. It will shake up everything we know, religions for one, will begin to recognize the spiritual rights of human beings. Many beliefs, one God. Tolerence and Love. Replaces hate and injustice.

It gets a little frightening. Being tied to the past. The traditions. Beliefs, suspicians and fears. And not willing to step outside the box and look beyond? The shift is calling from some where within you, you know it, and you can feel it.

An awareness, of your blossoming awareness.

Its quantum and its real. And will affect all of us.

Enjoy the Kryon channeling, and remember if it hits a chord with you, share the music. Thank you all.

Kryon is channeled by Dr. Lee Carol. Visit the Kryon Website

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