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Murdered Holistic Doctors Update | Thrive

Social Engineering: “The best I can tell, many of them were working with the autistic vaccine connection, some with cannabis oil, some with the GcMAF enzyme that seems to really boost the immune system against cancer.” Foster Gamble

33 Murdered Holistic Doctors and 70 Murdered Bankers

Extreme Censorship

“George Bernard Shaw is known for saying, amongst many other things, assassination is the extreme form of censorship.”


In the first three or four years after the millennium, there were over 30 microbiologists who were found dead under suspicious circumstances. These were many people who were working on different bio-warfare things, on anthrax and so forth, and fundamentally, they were people who were in-the-know on what the shadow government, what the agencies, what the secret societies were doing, ironically enough, developing ways of killing other people who might get in the way of their agendas.”


Over the last year or two, many suspicious deaths of bankers.  There have been over 70 of them.  Many of them worked in the risk management level of these big banks and they had a lot of inside information on the rigging of the gold market, the forex market, the Libor interest rate market, and so forth. Again, when the top people don’t want investigations to be able to follow the money and the power chain all the way up to them, their strategy is often to take out the middleman.


There have been over 2,000 journalist deaths.

Many people have probably heard of the car-jacking, or car-hacking really, of Michael Hastings, who was instrumental in bringing down General Stanley McChrystal. He had been harassed by FBI agents just like Jeff Bradstreet was, literally, the day before. They say he supposedly crashed his car, but anybody who is in-the-know on these things knows that they can take over and hack those cars and there was evidence of explosives in the car.

Free Energy Inventors

Eugene Mallove was suspiciously beaten to death the day before he was going on Coast To Coast with David Wilcock to talk about new breakthroughs in cold fusion.  Stanley Meyer disappeared after he went public with his automobile engine that ran on water.  Adam Trombly and his partner, Farnsworth, and John Bedini and Paul Pantone.  Pantone died recently, but he was literally kidnapped, institutionalized, and basically drugged almost to death because he was also coming out with a water engine.

Holistic Healers

The number of Holistic doctors murdered has grown to 33. Many of them were working with the autistic vaccine connection, some with cannabis oil, some with the GcMAF enzyme that seems to really boost the immune system against cancer. These healers were doing an effective job at both helping patients and getting the word out on alternatives treatments that might be very effective in battling disease.

Unfortunately for them their treatments also undermine the sickness business in one way or another, which most people know is a multi-trillion dollar business.

Extreme censorship or coincidence? You decide.

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