BREAKING: Big News Trump Didn’t Expect!

Politics “Endorsements usually don’t matter much, but Chris Christie giving his nod to Donald Trump shocked the political world and will bolster a Trump campaign that has grown from a madcap insurgency to a serious threat for the Republican nomination.”

Why Christie’s Trump endorsement is just what Trump needed.

The New Jersey governor’s endorsement instantly changed the subject from Trump’s embattled debate performance Thursday night, when Marco Rubio seemed to get the best of him. Trumps tell it like it is politics is giving us all an opportunity to see things as they really are.

Is it possible that Trump is about to usher in a new brand of political honesty? I hope so. As a Canadian watching from the sidelines, Trump is shaking up a country that has lost its way and is in danger of economic and societal collapse.

Personally, I would absolutely love to see Trump win the nomination for the Republicans. After all what could possibly be better than a Trump vs. Clinton show down.

Why Christie’s Trump endorsement is such a yuuuge deal

New York Post

Christie accentuates the Trump brand of bully-boy toughness. He further validates The Donald and paves the way for future endorsements.

Finally, he will be an eager and willing surrogate — who will relish nothing more than filleting Rubio, for whom he has a burning contempt.

Part of the punch of the Christie endorsement was its surprise, but really, where else did he have to go?

By any reasonable standard, Christie’s own presidential campaign was a desperate failure, fizzling out in New Hampshire after he practically took up residence in the state.

He had two choices: sitting in Trenton and going gentle into that electoral good night, or joining up with Trump and riding on the mogul’s private jet every other day, enjoying a luxury seat at the center of the political world. (Plus, though Christie denies he wants it, a potential veep slot or Cabinet post.)

The Christie-Trump pairing shows how, counter to the mogul’s reputation, he isn’t an outrageous right-winger. Absent his serial violations of political decorum and his advocacy of mass deportation, it would be clearer that Trump is a Northeastern moderate who will likely run as a tell-it-like-it-is pragmatist should he win the nomination.

And he’s potentially just a couple of weeks away from locking in that nomination.

Trump is headed toward a big Super Tuesday next week, when he’ll get more momentum and perhaps a couple more Christie-like endorsements. The Republican establishment may be panicking over his continued strength, but one form of panic is confusion and submission.


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