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Press TV | November 27, 2015

The deployment of 50 US Special Forces troops to Syria further exposes the true nature of American intervention in Syria where only Russians are acting on a legal basis, says an analyst.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Thursday that 30 US soldiers arrived in the northern Syrian city of Kobani over the past two days.

Kurdish sources also announced that some 20 US soldiers arrived in Hasakeh Province in eastern Syria.

The troops will allegedly help plan attacks against the Takfiris in the two Syrian cities of Jarablus and Raqqah.

“Supposedly, they are going to help with attacks against ISIS (Daesh) in Raqqah and another town, but when an imperialist country sends troops into another country uninvited, it is an act of intervention,” Joe Iosbaker told Press TV on Friday, using another acronym for the terror organization.

“The US claim to target ISIS has been exposed as a lie over and over,” Iosbaker said. “It was exposed when the Russian military entered the fight,” he added.

“The Russians’ is the only military that is legally in Syria,” the analyst noted.

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Iosbaker, leader of the United National Antiwar Coalition Coalition, added that Russia, since the onset of its aerial campaign in Syria in late September, has destroyed more targets “in a few weeks than the US had attacked in 18 months.”

He also pointed to Turkey’s downing of a Russian Su-24 fighter jet this week, saying it further exposed the true nature of America’s intentions in Syria.

Iosbaker noted that Turkey has been helping Daesh grow through funneling weapons and equipment and facilitating oil smuggling for the militant group, providing a safe zone for them to easily cross the border into Syria.

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