Stop Pushing Success

Stop Pushing Success, Learn to Flow

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Recorded in Calgary, Alberta 2015-01-10

Stop Pushing and Start Flowing | Video Overview

To manifest success in your personal or professional lives you need only one thing. Education does not matter, your station in life does not matter, education, nothing matters!

What does matter is passion and what brings you the most joy. Whatever lifts your skirt or brings a smile to your face is probably a good indication of what your passion is. And the minute you give your passion attention and deep consideration your life begins to change.

Today more than ever there are opportunities for you to follow your passion, expand your knowledge and create income at the same time. From content curation blogs, social media marketing, fund me sites and open source product development. Its all there.

So enjoy this video and tell us your passion and we will tell you how to make money with it! Comments are most welcomed.

Your purpose is to become immersed in your passion and live a life of joy and wonder. It is the way it is supposed to be.

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