The Station

train stationThe station is an appropriate beginning for the legere blog. The image of a train station can be seen perhaps as a metaphor that best describes humanity and where we are at this present moment in time. We have all gathered at the station and ready to embark on a new journey of discovery and creation.

If only the masses knew what was approaching to great us. There would be great celebration and joy. Nothing, absolutely nothing would be the same. People would begin to remove the shackles to ideals and belief systems that no longer apply. Fears, corrosive to enlightenment and personal growth would simply whither away.

What is upon us is greatly affecting the way things are being managed here on our planet earth. In this now moment we are witness to the birth of a new humanity. the emergence of a benevolent galactic society.  The explorer race.

From economics to politics, a grand awakening is taking place. Truths are shaking the very foundations of global politics, banking, business and religion.  The moment is fast approaching where only benevolent organizations will stand.  All of the others will crumble, without exception.

An energy that no human before has experienced or worked with before. An energy so benevolent in nature that it will have us discover our true quantum selves and oneness with all that is. An energy that will promote good health, longevity and allow each and everyone of us connect to source and understand our true infinite identities.

Get ready for the ride of your lives. This is going to one exciting adventure for humanity. It changes everything.

Welcome to legere. Expressions of the New Age.

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