CENSORED BY FACEBOOK: Turkish Flag Now Waving Proudly Next to ISIS Banner in Syria

Russia-Insider: “We will spare our readers the laundry list of evidence linking Turkey to ISIS — that’s what Google is for (aside from spying on you). Besides, sometimes pictures speak louder than words.”

Turkish Flag Now Waving Proudly Next to ISIS Banner

This photograph from Latakia certainly tells an interesting story:

Censored by Facebook

Censored by Facebook

Yes, that’s the proud Turkish crescent next to an ISIS head-chopping flag. Could anything be more appropriate? (Ukrainian neo-Nazis posing with a NATO flag?)

Can it be that NATO is the world’s largest terrorist organization?

We are in an age where it is very difficult to hide the truth. It will be interesting to see whether or not donlegere.com will be censored by Facebook as well. Lets find out.

You can see the full story on Russia-Insider

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