Norwegian report: Most ISIS oil goes to Erdogan’s Turkey

Geopolitics “Norwegian daily Klassekampen leaked details of the report, which was put together by Rystad Energy, an independent oil and gas consulting firm, at the request of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.”

Russia contends Erdogan involved

Russia presents proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade

This is telling and backs up President Putin’s claim that Turkey has been elbow deep in financing ISIL. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry contracted Rystad Energy an independent oil and gas consulting firm to uncover the facts.

Chances are the Western MSM will either ignore or misconstrue the findings of Rystad Energy.

Its time to end the funding and stop aligning ourselves with governments who chose chaos and death over life and liberty. Now we know. My hope is that Canada’s new government will reconsider how they can best help solve the issues in the middle east. Because you will never win sitting across the table from the very allies that are funding the chaos, death and destruction.

Most smuggled ISIS oil goes to Turkey, sold at low prices Norwegian report

RT News

“Large amounts of oil have been smuggled across the border to Turkey from IS-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq,” Klassekampen cited the report as saying. “[The] oil is sent by tankers via smuggling routes across the border [and] is sold at greatly reduced prices, from $25 to $45 a barrel.”

The crude is reportedly sold on the black market at greatly reduced prices, while the Brent benchmark is currently trading at $35-$50 per barrel.

To compile the report, which is dated from July, Rystad Energy used its own database as well as sources in the region.

“Exports happen in a well-established black market via Turkey,” the report concluded. “Many of the smugglers and corrupt border guards, who helped Saddam Hussein avoid international sanctions, are now helping IS export oil and import cash.”

In the beginning of December, the Russian Defense Ministry released evidence which it said shows most of the illegal oil trade by IS going to Turkey.

Read the full story: Most smuggled ISIS oil goes to Turkey, sold at low prices Norwegian report

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