How to Gain Trust and Build a Better World

Lose the Judgement

Whether consciously or not, the first thing people do when they encounter someone they don’t know is make a judgment about them based on how they look. With so much life constantly whizzing by, rarely is there time or opportunity for something deeper. Outward appearances—and the associations we have of those appearances—are often all there is to go on within the busy confines of reality.

Amy Touchette

You can apply Amy’s quote to almost every aspect of life. Business and personal. A judgmental attitude can kill your business or a budding relationship before you even start. There is no question that if you carry an attitude of failure through life that is what you are going to get. It’s how things work.

Your Consciousness Has Tremendous Power

This isn’t new. We have known about the power of the conscious mind for over 100 years. We have been taught that thoughts are things and they very much affect everything around you. To gain whatever it is you are seeking it is therefore, absolutely necessarily that you carry an attitude of gratitude, joy and celebration in every thing you do. That’s when unexpected benevolent outcomes manifest. Your life will change in unexpected ways, bringing in more joy than you had or, could even imagine.

This is What Happened to Jim Carry

Jim Carry is known primarily as a comedian. Perhaps the best the world has seen. In the video above we get to see a different Jim Carry. Jim describes his own personal conscious awakening. And how he recognized and grabbed on to the power of consciousness.

“I suddenly got it; I understood suddenly; how thought was just an illusory thing. And how thought is responsible for  if not all most of the suffering we experience. And then i  suddenly felt like i was looking at these thoughts from another perspective. And I wonder who is it that is aware that i am thinking? And suddenly I was thrown into this expansive, amazing feeling of freedom. From myself , from my problems, I saw that I was bigger than what i do,  I was bigger than my body i was everything and everyone I was no longer a fragment of the universe, i was the universe.”

Jim Carry

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