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“Being born a human being on this abundant planet shouldn’t be an automatic lifelong sentence to forced labor to pay off unreasonable debts which you did not incur.”

Winning Your Freedom in 3 Ways

And say goodbye to the bank.


Does your paycheck run out before the month does? Are you continuing to struggle with debt? Are you using credit to pay for your living expenses?

If you are someone who has answered yes to any of the above questions, don’t feel to bad. You are in the same boat as the majority of north american families. The debt cycle usually begins with the credit card. It provides anyone the opportunity to go out and get the thing they want NOW, rather than wait until enough money was saved. After all you get what you want now. You can definitively afford the minimum monthly payment your credit cards requires, and having new stuff can make a person feel so good.

The Debt Cycle Begins

It is surprising how fast you can max out your credit card. Purchasing items on credit is not a bad thing if you have the financial resources to pay down your entire credit each month. Minimum monthly payments, on the other hand, leads to higher debt financing costs and higher minimum payments. This is a combination that can ultimately catch up with you.

In this article by Dylan Charles, he overviews the current economic system and how it mathematically traps many into a life of insurmountable debt, and the stagnation and austerity and poverty that comes with it. He provides 3 ways you can win your personal financial battle against the banks.

3 Means of Waging Personal Financial Revolution Against the Banksters

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times

The world is enslaved to an economic system designed to create tremendous power and wealth for those who own the system, while forcing the rest of us into mathematically insurmountable debt and the stagnation, austerity and poverty that comes with it.

Corrupt and patently unsustainable, the world’s currencies and financial markets are rigged, and an economic collapse is inevitable at some point. Sad but true, and the ongoing dramatic narrative of the interplay between engineered boom and engineered bust is a chief psychological tool in sustaining the popular belief that this monetary reality as the only monetary reality possible. The truth, however, is that as long as this economic reality is the reality then we will be slaves to debt economics, and the pursuit of endless growth is certain to consume everything on the planet.

The good news is that the task of migrating an entire civilization from one economic system to another is so enormous that as individuals we don’t have to feel encumbered by the pressure of having to come up with the one and only solution to save all of human civilization. We can instead be empowered by the knowledge that any meaningful adjustment we make in our personal lives is a contribution to the future realization of a greater shift for the better, sometime in the future. Our role is merely to be the trim tabs, and when enough momentum builds, watch the ship change its course.

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