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Tagged: Kryon

quantum patterns and new discoveries in physics 0

Quantum Patterns and New Discoveries

“The language of quantum physics is going to bring you some revelations about consciousness. And the future of humanity will change because of it.” Kryon Quantum Patterns Mankind is on the verge of scientific discovery that will change everything. In this presentation Kryon reveals what is...


The New Human

This is the last channeling Kryon gave in Lima, Peru South America. In it he talks about the “New Human” and the future of humanity. What would an advanced consciousness look like? Could beings move things with their thoughts? Kryon says it will be better...


The rise of the light forces. The new dawn begins

I want to share another presentation by Lee Carroll who channels Kryon. The channel was given at Lima, Peru on November 16, 2015 and it addresses humanities rise and the power we have over the dark forces. Dear ones, I predicted what is on your...


Conscious Awareness and the Quantum Shift

This is profound information and can alter how you view your current reality. Kryon revealed in Cuzco, Peru, that there are three levels of awareness. The third level, is unreachable if you do not have an awareness of the first two. Is the planet ready...


Time and The Evolution of Consciousness

“Everything exists in the present moment and its a fundamental principle of the Universe that many of our scientists are still trying to grasp. Time does not actually exist and Quantum Theory proves it. There are things that are closer to you in time, and...


The Promise of a New Humanity

“Our solar system is poised to intersect with a ribbon of high energy. This energy wave is new and humans have never experienced, nor are they prepared for what is about to occur by the end of March 2015.” Kryon, ( channelled by Lee Carol), provides...