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Category: Economics


If You Want to Help Me, Prescribe Me Money

Gary Bloch will connect evidence to action, and propose a radical rethinking of the role of doctors in addressing income and other social issues that affect their patients’ health. He is an educator, advocate, and innovator, focused on reducing the impact of poverty and other social...


Corporate leeches merit shaming

Economics “It is disgraceful that Qantas is paying a small amount of tax. More so, Alan Joyce’s salary is offensively high and he has just bought a $5 million house in Sydney (“Qantas boss lands $5m Palmie pad”, December 18). We need to boycott Qantas.”...


Charities have it Wrong

Economics “Charities have it wrong… this girl has the right plan.  That solution, which is blatantly obvious to anyone who has woken up to the issue, is how they get the money to provide a service for their community.” Charities have it wrong… this girl...


Russia gives Turkey the Bird

Geopolitics “Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree prohibiting the import of food from Turkey and banning charter flights between the two countries. This is in response to Turkey shooting down a Russian warplane in Syria a week ago.” Russia gives Turkey the...


“Its time for maximum wage.” Jesse Ventura

It’s not time for a minimum wage, it’s time for a maximum wage Published on 27 Nov 2015 RT America “They’re a bunch of crooks!” says former governor Jesse Ventura of the CEOs of the 11 largest parchmaceutical companies who took home a combined $1.57...