Passion and Abundance

You know you have found your passion when you share what it is you know in order to empower and light the path for others. You become a teacher and mentor to others and offer solutions and another way. Living in passion is where your greatest light shines. Joy does that. Excitement turns up the brightness! You become the Master. That’s when others take notice and seek you out.

390710 303147643028718 118857608124390 1264037 1854000075 n Passion and AbundanceFinding your purpose and uncovering your passion is the key to creating abundance, joy, personal satisfaction, comfort and peace in your life. When you make the decision to listen and follow your inner urgings and visions that is the moment that you will begin to discover the thing that really makes you a powerful and creative being. Intuition will bring to you the joyful activities that will keep you focused in the moment of now where time is nonexistent and where awesome potentials are realized.

Joy, personal wealth and abundance comes naturally to those who act on the visions, intuition and feelings provided by their higher consciousness. Creating and lighting a path so that others may follow.

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Don Legere

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